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Invest in our live instructor-led training on Conversational English and open doors to new opportunities, empowering you to connect, engage, and succeed in both personal and professional contexts where English fluency is essential.

1.1. Greetings

1.2. Small Talk

1.3. How To Speak More Politely

1.4. How To Express Likes And Dislikes

1.5. How To Give And Ask For Directions

1.6. How To Give And Ask For Opinion

1.7. How To Agree And Disagree

1.8. How To Give And Ask For Advice

1.9. Conversation At the Airport

1.10. Conversation At Restaurants

1.11. Fillers

1.12. Good News And Bad News

1.13. How To Tell Time

1.14. How To Give And Accept An Apology

1.15. Telephonic Conversations

2.1. Syllable Stress

2.2. Sentence Stress

2.3. Intonation

2.4. Silent Letters

2.5. Commonly Mispronounced Words

2.6. 44 Sounds

3.1. Synonyms And Antonyms

3.2. Very Words

3.3. Phrasal Verbs

3.4. Idioms

3.5. Root Words

3.6. Topic-Specific Vocabulary

3.7. Synonyms - Common Actions

3.8. Collocations

3.9. One Word Substitution

3.10. Commonly Confused Words

3.11. Idioms Part 2

3.12. Phrasal Verbs Part 2

4.1. LSRW Skills