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Supercharge your career with the World's Best Digital Marketing Program! Join our 20-week online course and experience 100% practical training and get support for your freelancing endeavour. Dive into interactive, hands-on learning, and be mentored by industry experts. Ready to embark on your exciting new career journey? Start here.

1.1 Understanding Digital Marketing

1.2 Evolution of Marketing

1.3 Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

1.4 Importance of Digital Marketing

1.1 Domain Registration and Hosting

1.2 Website Structure and Navigation

1.3 Content Management Systems (CMS)

1.4 Responsive Web Design

1.5 User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

1.1 On-Page SEO

1.2 Off-Page SEO

1.3 Keyword Research and Analysis

1.4 SEO Tools and Analytics

1.5 Local SEO

1.6 SEO Trends and Updates

1.1 Content Strategy

1.2 Blogging and Article Writing

1.3 Video Marketing

1.4 Social Media Content

1.5 Email Marketing

1.6 Content Calendar and Planning

1.1 Introduction to Social Media Platforms

1.2 Social Media Strategy

1.3 Paid Advertising on Social Media

1.4 Community Management

1.5 Social Media Analytics

1.1 Building Email Lists

1.2 Email Campaign Strategy

1.3 Email Design and Content

1.4 Deliverability and Compliance

1.5 Email Marketing Tools

1.1 Introduction to PPC

1.2 Google Ads

1.3 Bing Ads

1.4 Social Media Advertising

1.5 Display Advertising

1.6 Remarketing and Retargeting

1.1 Google Analytics

1.2 Understanding Metrics and KPIs

1.3 Conversion Tracking

1.4 A/B Testing

1.5 Data Interpretation and Reporting

1.1 Mobile Website Optimization

1.2 Mobile Apps and Advertising

1.3 SMS Marketing

1.4 Location-Based Marketing

1.5 Mobile SEO

1.1 Brand Monitoring

1.2 Managing Online Reviews

1.3 Crisis Management

1.4 ORM Tools and Strategies

1.1 Identifying Influencers

1.2 Influencer Outreach and Collaboration

1.3 Measuring Influencer Campaigns

1.4 Case Studies

1.1 E-commerce Platforms

1.2 Product Listings and Descriptions

1.3 Shopping Cart Abandonment

1.4 E-commerce SEO and Advertising

1.5 Payment Gateways

1.1 Affiliate Programs and Networks

1.2 Setting Up an Affiliate Program

1.3 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

1.4 Measuring Affiliate Campaigns

1.1 Privacy and Data Protection

1.2 Copyright and Intellectual Property

1.3 Compliance with Regulations

1.4 Ethical Marketing Practices

1.1 Voice Search Optimization

1.2 Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

1.3 Chatbots and Conversational Marketing

1.4 Virtual and Augmented Reality

1.5 Blockchain in Marketing

1.1 Setting Goals and Objectives

1.2 Budgeting and Resource Allocation

1.3 Campaign Planning and Execution

1.4 Measuring ROI

1.5 Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

1.1 Job Roles in Digital Marketing

1.2 Building a Portfolio

1.3 Freelancing and Consulting

1.4 Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

1.5 Continuous Learning and Growth