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Supercharge your Excel skills and become a master in data management and analysis with our live instructor-led training course. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this comprehensive program will elevate your proficiency and productivity in Excel.

1.1 Introduction to MS Excel

1.2 Rows and Columns

1.3 Formula Bar

1.4 Excel Add-ons

1.5 Cut/Copy and Paste

1.6 Special Paste

1.7 Format Painter

1.8 Wrap Text

1.9 Merge and Centre

1.10 Cell Size and Formats

2.1 Sort and Filter

2.2 Margins and Orientation

2.3 Page Size and Print Area

2.4 Cell Name

2.5 Trace Dependents and Precedants

2.6 Text to Columns

2.7 Adding Comments and Track Changes

2.8 Gridlines and Freeze Panes

3.1 Understanding Number Formats

3.2 Creating Custom Number Formats

3.3 Custom Number-format Codes

3.4 Excel Date Calculation

4.1 Fill Series Options

4.2 Types of Series

4.3 Creating a Custom Fill Sequence

4.4 Flash Fill

5.1 Highlight Cell Rules

5.2 Top/Bottom Rules

5.3 Data Bars

5.4 Color Scales and Icon Sets

5.5 Creating Custom Conditional Formats

5.6 Formatting as Table

5.7 Table Options

5.8 Creating Advanced Filters

5.9 Quick Analysis

6.1. Custom Styles and Templates

6.2. Create/Modify using Custom Templates

6.3 Creating a Cell Style

7.1. Introduction to Functions and Parts of Functions

7.2. Understanding arguments in Excel

8.1. Using the Sum

8.2. Average and Percentage Functions

8.3. Using Rank

8.4. Using Roman

8.5 Max/Min/Product and Subtraction

8.6. Using formulas between sheets and Count Functions

8.7. Using the IF and Nested IF Functions

8.8. Using the OR/AND and NOT Function

8.9. Count if and Count ifs

8.10. Using the SUMIF AND SUMIFS Function

8.11. Using Average If and Average Ifs

9.1. Using the AVERAGE and MEAN Functions

9.2. MEDIAN and MODE function

9.3. Frequency Function

9.4. Using the Quartile Function

9.5. Rounding Decimal Places

9.6. MOD and INT Functions

9.7. RANDOM and RANDBETWEEN Functions

10.1. EMI Calculations

10.2. Loan Statement

10.3. Calculating Investments

11.1. The CHOOSE Function

11.2. Using the MATCH Function

11.3. Using the INDEX Function

11.4. Using the MATCH and INDEX Functions Working Together

12.1. IFERROR Function

12.2. OFFSET Function

12.3. INDIRECT Function

13.1. Using LOOKUP and VLOOKUP Function

13.2. Using the HLOOKUP Function

13.3. VLOOKUP with multiple sheets

13.4. Nested Vlookup

13.5. X Lookup

14.1 Calculating dates and last working day

14.2. Calculating Holidays and Workdays

14.3. Preparing Staff Time Sheet

15.1. Join/Concatenate

15.2. Concat and Text

15.3. Length and Find

15.4. Left/Right and Mid

15.5. Upper and Lower

15.6. Substitute and Replace

16.1. Goal Seek

16.2. Scenario Manager

16.3. Data Tables

17.1. Use of basic charts and recommended charts for analysis

18.1. Creating PivotTable

18.2. Pivot Table Tools

18.3. Creating PivotChart

18.3. Power Map

 19.1. Power Pivot

20.1. What are Sparklines?

21.1. Version Control

22.1. Password Protection

23.1. Power Query